Kijing Container Terminal, Kalimantan

Kijing Container Terminal, Kalimantan

By In Projects On 5 September 2023

Location : Kijing Container Terminal, Mempawah, Kalimantan Barat

Method: PVD Vacuum Preloading

Land Area : 140,000 Ha Volume : 20 Ha Project Duration: December 2018 – July 2020

Description :
Operated by Pelindo II (also known as Indonesia Port Corporation), Kijing, in the Mempawah district of Pontianak port, can handle around 1.95 million TEU annually and cost around US$195 million to build. The terminal will facilitate the transportation of major commodities such as crude palm oil, bauxite and alumina in domestic and foreign markets.

The terminal, located on the coast of the Karimata Strait with direct sea routes to Sumatra, Singapore, and Malaysia, will increase Pontianak’s container handling capacity from the previous 500,000 TEU.